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Hi, A short follow up on this issue. As MOS 8.0 did not work for me and also was slow in any actions I decided to try MOS 7.0. I have has more success with this: - installation was quick and was working nice from the first attempt on - referring to a suggestion above - I know I have to use the qcow2 image format and qemu hypervisor, Mirantis Fuel is very clear on that - I now have 2 instances launched with a slightly different public IP setup - one I can reach from my hot machine, the other one not, this for sure is a networking issue (also judging from the network topology for both instances) - I am not a networking specialist at all though, so I am happy with having a way to reach my instance - what lacks in this Mirantis openstack 7 with Neutron networking compared to the Mirantis openstack 6 with Nova networking is this: from another machine in my real network (with a fixed route to the openstack host machine) I cannot access any VM from MOS 7 (Neutron), which I could in MOS 6 (Nova network)

I would like to understand this last issue - just to learn, I a fine with my current setup as it will suit my purposes.

Kind regards, and thanks for previous suggestions, Bart