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First, try logging in on the instance console (using your browser) and try to "ifdown" then "ifup" interace eth0. In some situations, there appears to be a delay in setting up networking appropriately and the DHCP client gives up before obtaining an ip address.

If the instance is able to successfully obtain a fixed ip address, try pinging its fixed address from inside the appropriate router or dhcp namespace. Run:

# ip netns

Which will return something like:


These are network namespaces associated with the DHCP agent for your private subnet and the router associated with your public network. Assuming that your instance has a fixed ip of, try something like:

# ip netns exec qdhcp-a2be4bdd-a44a-4e64-ab16-a3297e479a31 ping

If this does not work, make sure your instance is associated with the necessary security groups to permit inbound ICMP or ssh traffic. If this does work, let me know and we'll work from there.