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Thank you for your response. I am at the conference at the Ask session, and they wanted me to quickly post a question, so I apologize for being concise. How did you happen to see this message? We are talking about how to improve ask, and I am curious how my question got to you.

I am using a 3 node controller cluster with RabbitMQ cluster, Galera MySQL cluster with a HAProxy sitting out front where all requests are sent to. I am using a single Neutron Network Node, which handles dhcp, then I have all the Compute nodes running Neutron for everything but the dhcp role that is strictly within the neutron node. I am using OpenvSwitch with Vlan tagged interfaces for the br-* bridges. I am trying to use VXLAN on the back-end for the tunnels.

Basically, I have verified the entire chain of N-S traffic from an instance to the internet, but being that it was so slow, I did not spend much time verifying EW traffic.

I used the instructions found here:

Thank you in advance!!