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Even I am facing the same issue. I am running Liberty with Single controller. I am able to create a volume (from cli) and launch instance from an image. But when I try to attach a volume to the instance I get the following error :

[root@controller-01 logs]# nova boot --flavor rhel6.medium --key-name mykey --block-device-mapping vda=f78f46ed-aed6-48ba-bcaf-ea75a717a3be:::0 boot-from-vol-test ERROR (BadRequest): Block Device Mapping is Invalid: failed to get volume f78f46ed-aed6-48ba-bcaf-ea75a717a3be. (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-4486ebae-2bc0-48c3-9d8b-29ced20c9261) [root@controller-01 logs]#