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I have just solve that problem(devstack) .

In my environment the problem related with pip. If you ask me why i don't have any idea why it's happened. I don't know

While installing devstack it's download pip for us from repositories of CentOS or Ubuntu for python-pip package. After 15 day I realised that pip version couldn't download xmlrpc_client and few packages from pip repository

To solve this problem download
1. delete your pip if you download how ever you download

apt-get remove python-pip #or yum version of that code

2. List item


3. uninstall your six package which you download before

pip uninstall six 
easy_install six

than ./ and ./

and Don't forget!! to watch you RAM by using free command while installing, because there are few problem about RAM it's hard to understand if problem occurs about RAM. I needed 6GB RAM for all install