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Volume service is down,maybe there is something wrong with your ntp service.Try to check the time of your controler and cinder node to insure they are the same.Cinder list tell you the cinder-volume service is down,so you can try to check the code of it.
class ServiceController(wsgi.Controller):
def index(self, req):
    """Return a list of all running services.
    Filter by host & service name.
    context = req.environ['cinder.context']
    detailed = self.ext_mgr.is_loaded('os-extended-services')
    now = timeutils.utcnow() //fetch controller time
    services = db.service_get_all(context) // get cinder service from db
    svcs = []
    for svc in services: //for each service
        delta = now - (svc['updated_at'] or svc['created_at']) //get updated_at。if not, created_at,and compute time difference
        alive = abs(utils.total_seconds(delta)) <= CONF.service_down_time //get time difference and compare with server_down_time,(60s default)
        art = (alive and "up") or "down" ***//if lease than 60s ,up state, otherwise down state.**
        active = 'enabled'
    return {'services': svcs}

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