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Check whether the instance is able to access its own gateway(private network where the instance is launched).

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Check the private gateway ip is able to reach router gateway of external network(your floating ip network pool).

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Use tcp dump to trace the path of your instance traffic.

ip netns exec qdhcp-b58b2f5f-3ca6-41eb-9614-62fdc8e43e8c tcpdump -i tap748660b6-08

ip netns exec qrouter-6675c26b-aecf-4c0f-a5e8-78d30eab6ef9 tcpdump -i qg-3c22f0c9-03

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Check the data flow between the bridges.

In my case I launched an instance under subnet local-subnet Its local network gateway ip is, dhcp server ip is

Floating ip subnet External router gateway is

Check the datapath between private network gateway and external router gateway from your node. ( to in my case)

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