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Galera needs Quorum to operate properly.

That means you need a majority of nodes after a failure or the Galera cluster won't allow write operations.

To solve your issue lasting, you have 2 options:

Option 1 - add more nodes

Just add more MariaDB nodes to your cluster. In summary you should have an odd number of MariaDB nodes.

Option 2 - use garbd

If your aren't able to add new MariaDB nodes to your cluster, the best option here is to use the Galera Arbitrator daemon to form a quorum situation.

Just put garb on your HAProxy node (or as a clone resource in your pacemaker cluster if used) and you will be able to lose one MariaDB node.

Note that the number of all MariaDB nodes + garb nodes should also be odd.

See for more information about garb.

I personally suggest option 1.

cheers, hauke