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Since there's not a Cinder/PowerVault driver, you won't be able to use Cinder directly with your PowerVault. But you should still be able to indirectly use it. I think this is what you are alluding to at the end of your post with regard to mounting the whole SAN.

If you connect your PowerVault to a dedicated server and get to the point to where you can either see the entire storage array as one device or several individual devices, you can then use Linux to re-export those devices to Cinder. For example, you can use Linux to create an NFS, Gluster, or iSCSI server and then use the NFS, Gluster, or iSCSI Cinder drivers to make the storage available in OpenStack.

Note that you can also have Cinder running directly on the same server that sees the PowerVault storage. You're basically using Linux as a translator for the storage device.

I hope that helps. I don't have experience with PowerVault devices, but the concepts should be applicable. Let me know if you need any clarification.