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without a route from your physical machine to the network its connected on you are out of luck. If the network you are connected to supports DHCP you can try this creation of a flat network with no dhcp so your machines will allocate on the same network as your physical. remember external in openstack is a physical network in general. Not public internet access

Create "external" network

 neutron net-create external_net --provider:network_type flat --provider:physical_network bond0  --router:external --shared

Create subnet. my example uses a network that is with a gateway of You can find this information on your physical host with ifconfig. My DHCP is false becasue the "external" netowrk serves DHCP

neutron subnet-create --name external_subnet --enable_dhcp=False --gateway= external_network

Create Router

neutron router-create external_router

Set Router Gateway

neutron router-gateway-set external_router external_net

Add external interface to router

neutron router-interface-add external_router external_subnet