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If you are trying to perform openstack operations through CLI did you source the openrc file which contains the auth_url and the credentials required to authenticate against keystone? If you don't have those environment variables set you will get this issue. Try souring an openrc file in the below format.

Create and source the OpenStack RC file

Alternatively, you can create the file from scratch, if for some reason you cannot download the file from the dashboard.

In a text editor, create a file named file and add the following authentication information:

export OS_USERNAME=username
export OS_PASSWORD=password
export OS_TENANT_NAME=projectName
export OS_AUTH_URL=https://identityHost:portNumber/v2.0
# The following lines can be omitted
export OS_TENANT_ID=tenantIDString
export OS_REGION_NAME=regionName
export OS_CACERT=/path/to/cacertFile

On any shell from which you want to run OpenStack commands, source the file for the respective project. In this example, you source the file for the admin project:

$ source

For more details, see