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You can find the line " default_log_levels = amqp=WARN,amqplib=WARN,boto=WARN,qpid=WARN,sqlalchemy=WARN " in tempest config file change the log level to INFO and proceed the test.

If you would like to filter all the tempest service log,You can go with a dedicated rsyslog configuration for tempest service.Here I configured both rsyslog server and client on the same machine.No need to install any packages for rsyslog setup.By default ubuntu software package manager supplies rsyslog package.

Client side configuration:


. @localhost

Server side configuration


$ModLoad imudp

$UDPServerAddress localhost

$UDPServerRun 514

$template TempestFile,"/var/log/rsyslog/%HOSTNAME%/tempest.log"

$template TempestAll,"/var/log/rsyslog/tempest.log"

$template DynFile,"/var/log/rsyslog/%HOSTNAME%/syslog.log"

. ?DynFile

local0.* ?TempestFile

local0.* ?TempestAll

& ~

Restart rsyslog service.

#service rsyslog restart