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The conductor, as the other nova services like compute, scheduler need a message queue (like RabbitMQ) to communicate with each other. If the conductor and the compute services in your deployment do not come up correctly, but your scheduler is, most likely this means that the former services do not know how to reach the message queue service and this can be down to two reasons:

1) there is no network connectivity between the MQ and the service 2) the configuration (of the failing service) is wrong, e.g. it does not point to the right queue node, wrong credentials, etc.

So I suggest you the following:

  • Find the configuration of your scheduler and make a note of the details for the message queue.
  • Use these ones to configure the services that fail, remember that if the host of the message queue is 'localhost', you must use the IP or FQDN of the node on which the Queue runs on for configuring remote services like the conductor or compute.