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The command that you are using "neutron lbaas-loadbalancer-create" requires lbaasv2 to be installed , it wont work with older lbaas. Check the following :-

  1. In the neutron.conf file what service_plugin you have given.
  2. It should be lbaasv2 and not lbaas
  3. In lbaas_agent.ini what is the service provider. Since lbaas2 octavia is the preffred provider and not HA proxy. Check that.
  4. Finally neutron-lbaas-agent installation is necessary.

If you check all of these and still dont get to anything let me know and in that case also paste the config files and also the output of the command 'dpkg -l | neutron '(For ubuntu) ,, 'rpm -qa |grep neutron'( For RedHat)