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its the OVS that is the culript here ... I have ran into similar issue. In my case what was happening is my main interface i.e. which was used for internet and ssh was added as a port to the OVS-bridge and then the ip which was on the interface was on the bridge ...

So now if I tried to access net or anything it would not work. Man ping also stopped working :).... But after going deeper I found that the dhcp server who was giving the IP on the interface also noted the MAC address of the machine which suddenly got changed ...The router considered it as a threat or something and bam the IP got blacklisted :P....A single IP with mutiple MAC address it did not liked... ooopppsss....

Solution was simple I noted the MAC address of my interface and set the mac address of OVS bridge via command. Yes its simple but took me a lot of time to figure it out. Hope it works in your case too