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Mirantis Fuel is an openstack deployment tool made easy. You basically run a mirantis server and then install all openstack services to all other nodes through pxe, including the OS. This is usefull in large deployment scenarios, where it will be easier and time liberating to deploy with fuel . In smaller deployments i would suggest manually installing openstack to get a grip of how services interact and get a better understanding on how openstack works.

Ubuntu MAAS is a baremetal deployment tool. Like Fuel you have a master server and slave nodes linked to it. You can install OS by PXE on all nodes. The difference here is that MAAS is a general baremetal deployment tool not specific to openstack. You can do a lot more things with MAAS. To install opentack services you will need to make use of JUJU charms after installing OS on all nodes through PXE from master server.

So to summarize it, Mirantis Fuel is an openstack only deployment tool where in Ubuntu MAAS openstack is more like a feature besides many other automated deployments using juju charms!