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most of the errors from this type is usually the rabbitmq user password. At any point, after you change password you need to execute OVS setup. OVS Setup is the fix for any issues related to neutron.

so follow the 3 steps and this issue will never show up.

First install OVS ( i use SUSE 11 SP3 so the tool is "zypper") you can use the tools part of LINUX distros with)

zypper -n in openvswitch openvswitch-switch python-openvswitch

Start the service

systemctl start openvswitch-switch.service

Add the interface or bridge (in my case it was br-ex) ovs-vsctl --may-exist add-br br-ex

enable the service to start from boot.

systemctl enable openvswitch-switch.service

Tha't it.

BR, Rushi