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Hi there. Same issue here when I enable SAHARA in Packstack's Answer File.

What I found so far is that there is already (29 days ago) a Sahara Commit (puppet-sahara) :

So as it seems the parameters for manifest classes keystone::auth were updated, and Packstack is trying to use the deprecated parameters (E.g. public_address is now public url etc.)

This has happen since KILO release ... : "This patch removes parameters from main init and keystone::authclasses, which were marked as deprecated since Kilo release."

PS: Tried to locally modify the manifest @ /var/tmp/packstack/latest/manifests. vi /var/tmp/packstack/latest/manifests/ with below :

class { '::ceilometer::keystone::auth':
  region           => hiera('CONFIG_KEYSTONE_REGION'),
  password         => hiera('CONFIG_CEILOMETER_KS_PW'),
  public_address   => hiera('CONFIG_KEYSTONE_HOST_URL'),
  admin_address    => hiera('CONFIG_KEYSTONE_HOST_URL'),
  internal_address => hiera('CONFIG_KEYSTONE_HOST_URL'),

class { '::sahara::keystone::auth':
  password         => hiera('CONFIG_SAHARA_KS_PW'),
# public_address   => hiera('CONFIG_SAHARA_HOST'), #Depreciated Paramater in this class Sahara::Keystone::Auth in manifest keystone.pp
  public_url       => hiera('CONFIG_SAHARA_HOST'),
  admin_address    => hiera('CONFIG_SAHARA_HOST'),
  internal_address => hiera('CONFIG_SAHARA_HOST'),

But RDO still gets the wrong manifest classes "keystone::auth" ... so I have no clue how to workaround this...