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Following comment by "darragh-oreilly" and reading the bug report: , I fixed my problem on the directional scp performance. My Neutron server is running on a real machine(Controller node). The internal network for instances has a gateway through a neutron router which is connected to br-ex. The br-ex is linked to the physical NIC: em2. Then, I issued the command; ethtool as followings.

[root@host01 ~]$ ovs-vsctl show
        Bridge br-ex
            Port br-ex
                Interface br-ex
                    type: internal
            Port "em2"
                Interface "em2"
            Port "qg-94925359-2c"
                Interface "qg-94925359-2c"
                    type: internal enter code here
[root@host-01 ~]$ ethtool --offload em2 gro off

After that, the large file scp from a local host to the instance worked with a reasonable speed: ~ 40 MB/sec. The bug reported might not be fixed even in the Juno.