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Feedback provided by @prasad9920 is not correct. has nothing in common with your question.
Once you have AIO Node you have Controller/Network/Compute nodes running together on the same host. Update your answer file as follows

CONFIG_COMPUTE_HOSTS = IP-OF-NEW-HOST  ( supposed to be new Compute )

Then take care of


If you have second NIC for VXLAN tunnel endpoint, otherwise set all of mentioned entries to eth0.
Rerun packstack with updated answer-file and second Compute Node will be added. Due to Ethernet names on CentOS 7.X won't be eth(X). Say enp2s0 (eth0), enp3s0 (eth1)
They must match on both boxes, otherwise it won't work . Actually , you might have to switch to classic
names like eth(X) on CentOS 7.X , but it will result running all stuff over again.