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What is the solution to the above issue ? I am facing similar issue with OSP7 install on multi device (1 Controller, 2 Compute). Would appreciate if someone can point out what could be the cause. [ DONE ] [ DONE ] [ DONE ] Applying Applying Applying [ ERROR ] Applying Puppet manifests [ ERROR ]

ERROR : Error appeared during Puppet run: Error: Could not apply complete catalog: Found 1 dependency cycle: You will find full trace in log /var/tmp/packstack/20150917-060958-oFHGnx/manifests/ Please check log file /var/tmp/packstack/20150917-060958-oFHGnx/openstack-setup.log for more information Additional information: * Time synchronization installation was skipped. Please note that unsynchronized time on server instances might be problem for some OpenStack components. * File /root/keystonerc_admin has been created on OpenStack client host To use the command line tools you need to source the file. * To access the OpenStack Dashboard browse to . Please, find your login credentials stored in the keystonerc_admin in your home directory. * To use Nagios, browse to username: nagiosadmin, password: