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i agree with dbaxps. i'm assuming that you're referring to an Openstack distribution or method that could be considered "production-ready"? all of the openstack distribution methods are true openstack implementations, it just depends on what you consider to be "true". there are a few of things you would want to consider:

  1. which deployment method allows you to move from a development (i.e. testing environment) straight to production.
  2. which deployment method has the most community support or contributors.
  3. how quickly can the deployment method support new features and releases.
  4. lastly, does OS distribution matter? if so, it could dictate which tool you choose for openstack deployment (with the least amount of work).

devstack is awesome to testing new features and for release cycles! this is why so many people use it. i personally am an advocate for RDO, and there are a couple of reasons. first, the deployment is dead simple...whether it's for an all-in-one box, or multi-node deployment. with packstack (RDO) you can add additional resources later, if you want. additionally, packstack RDO uses puppet modules/manifests so if you want to incorporate that into a production can, pretty easily (using foreman, puppet community, or puppet-pe...your choice).

i've used both devstack and RDO. RDO is a little easier, whilst devstack requires you to be a little more hands-on during the deployment and requires you to have a little more knowhow (unless you're simply cutting and pasting from a walkthough article you've found online).

truth is...look at everything, but i agree...RDO could be your easiest method to go from all-in-one to full "production" with less effort. but like with everything, it will really come down to personal preference and everyone will have different opinions based on their experience and comfort-level. you will have to eventually find out what you're comfortable with (perhaps devstack will ultimately make more sense to you), and go with that. devstack seems to be easier to install on ubuntu systems, while RDO is geared more for centos/fedora...but like with anything...your linux-foo magic could make anything with the correct amount of experience. i just try to go with what's easiest and quickest (for me)!