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Thanks for using the tutorial!

First: wait for 15 minutes and try again. Depending on the speed of your cloud (or - if you are using devstack - your laptop and your internet connection), it can take some time to launch a new virtual machine and install the application

Second: Check the VM is status is "running" - perhaps using the OpenStack dashboard. If you are using devstack, it's where you installed devstack. If you are using a cloud provided for you, check with your provider. If the status is not running, or shows some kind of error, that usually means that there is a problem with the cloud you are using.

Third: Check your networking. Start another virtual machine using the OpenStack dashboard and try to access it. If you can't access that either, there is a problem with your networking that needs to be fixed before you can use the tutorial.

Fourth: Check the application was installed correctly. Using the OpenStack Dashboard, check the console log for the virtual machine. If there are errors, try deleting the machine and running the tutorial script again. If you get the same errors again, either something is wrong with your cloud or the tutorial has a bug. If so, we'd like to see those log files and have some information about your environment. Post them at :