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Hi, maybe you could find all supported authenticate plugins from Keystone source code, location in "./keystone/auth/plugins/".

As I am just learning Keystone, and as I know, Keystone supports a list of plugins :

1) Password : authenticate user identity with a username and password;

2) Token : authenticate user identity with an available token ;

3) SAML/OPENID : authenticate user with federated identity provider , such as you could use another Keystone as an Identity Provider using SAML, and you could also Google as Identity Provider using openid connect;

4) External : authenticate user identity with external methods, delegated authentication to external plugins, such as Kerberos.

Password is the easiest way to obtain user authentication and fetch a token, and you could use one curl command with credential infors offered. Other auth methods may be more complex, and maybe need more then one http request to do this.

Thanks very much !