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I think is better you understand what the each parameter means and then you can set the properly values for your environment. So, in the FLOATING_RANGE parameter you specify a range of "floating ips" you have (it means, a range of real ip addresses). If you don't have real ip addresses you just do not specify this parameter on your localrc file. In the FIXED_RANGE you specify virtual ip range. You can choose any network you want ( or any other, since it doesn't conflict the ip addresses in your real network, I guess). In the FIXED_NETWORK_SIZE you specify the number of addresses you have in your virtual network (if you're using the network, for example, you have 256 valid ip addresses). The FLAT_INTERFACE is the one which will be used by OpenStack. You have to specify the ip address of this interface in the parameter "HOST_IP". The other parameters are just passwords and you can specify anything you want.

Do you have some other specific issue in your installation?

Hope I helped.