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I saw in the master of ironic on github ( that they provided support for IPMI 1.5. Based on that I've updated the ipmitool driver source code to support ipmi_protocol_version parameter ('1.5' and default to '2.0') in the node properties

Juno : Kilo :

With this modification, I'm able to manage different IPMI versions on my OpenStack env

ironic node-show $NODE

driver_info : {u'pxe_deploy_ramdisk': u'3cbfa97e-9127-4a3a-8eff-eda37cf9ad3a',
u'ipmi_terminal_port': 8023, u'ipmi_username': u'USERID',
u'ipmi_address': u'', u'ipmi_password': u'**',
u'ipmi_protocol_version': 1.5, u'pxe_deploy_kernel': u'e91ba8a5-860d- 47f0-a2a6-2e8bccbed146'}

power_state: power off driver : pxe_ipmitool