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Depending on which quotas you want to modify you will either use Nova or Neutron's API. Neutron is used for the networking related quotas (routers, networks, subnets, etc) and Nova is used for the compute resources (RAM, CPU, etc).

To set quotas using the Nova API you will use a PUT against '/v2.1/os-quota-sets/​{tenant_id}​' with the following as an example:

"quota_set": {
    "cores": 20,
    "fixed_ips": -1,
    "floating_ips": 10,
    "injected_file_content_bytes": 10240,
    "injected_file_path_bytes": 255,
    "injected_files": 5,
    "instances": 10,
    "key_pairs": 100,
    "metadata_items": 128,
    "ram": 51200,
    "security_group_rules": 20,
    "security_groups": 45,
    "server_groups": 10,
    "server_group_members": 10

You could also use the CLI's to do this and use '--debug' to extract the exact API call being used.