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Thansk for your answer, but I don't know really if your answer can help me, because I need to you "gre" and not "vlan" or "vxlan". Also I have yet configured keystone with httpd.

My question is focused about network concepts and configuration when eth0 (management) and eth2 (external) networks and nics NEED to share the same physical network.

I will use this answer for asking a "elemental" question for neutron but, for me, answer is not trivial. Management network applied in the configuration files must be the physical management network. Data network can be any "private" network where all my computes and network server could communicate between them, but a user could create any private network from the dashboard, isn't it? ... And external network (for floating IPs) should be configured in files as a subnet of the physical network. Then, I don't undersand the differences between launch an instance with ONLY private network and assign a floating IP and launch an instance with private and public network. In the second case, instance can get a public IP address from my own DHCP agent.

Bufff, what a mess!!

Help, please!!