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This is from the following code:

openstack.common.setup.get_version(package_name, pre_version=None)[source]

    Get the version of the project. First, try getting it from PKG-INFO, if it exists. If it does, that means we’re in a distribution tarball or that install has happened. Otherwise, if there is no PKG-INFO file, pull the version from git.

    We do not support version sanity in git archive tarballs, nor do we support packagers directly sucking our git repo into theirs. We expect that a source tarball be made from our git repo - or that if someone wants to make a source tarball from a fork of our repo with additional tags in it that they understand and desire the results of doing that.

It basically means that during the install, there was no PKG-INFO file, and the connection to git to get the version failed.

This should not happen when installing devstack. If you encounter this error when installing devstack, it is almost certainly intermittent and you should simply run ./ again.