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Yes, you could say it (but it is not 100% correct definition of Neutron). Quantum (which is Neutron now) - it is a framework to provide as-called "networking as a service" between NICs. For instance, you have a hypervisor and, with a Neutron, you are able to create networks, groups of ports, working with VLANs, etc. Actualy, it depents of what plugin you are using (OpenVSwitch, LinuxBridge, Cisco, NSX, ...). Some plugins are vendor-specific (such as Hyper-V plugin, NSX) and they allow you to operate networks in "Vendor-virtual-world" (for instance, VMware or Hyper-V).

p.s. The answer for your first question "Trying to understand if KVM can play a role of network hypervisor?". The answer is "No, KVM can not play a role of network hypervisor. KVM - it is just a hypervisor, but we can manage it's network with Neutron and OVS"

Best regards, Art