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I have my file(a.xml) to be injected as below: cat /root/a.xml :

hello $description

So during nova boot i am passing the meta value as description="centos_demo1". Here I want the given meta value to be reflected file after server boots.

After server boots,I would like to see the injected file as: cat /hello :

hello centos_demo1

nova boot --image 3bd9b5b7-8295-48e5-8c59-ecb752011b8b --nic net-id=60befe35-a0f0-41c4-994c-64ccb86c583e --flavor 09ce098a-a939-4dab-97d6-bd1a31c11074 --meta description="centos_demo1" --file /hello=/root/a.xml --config-drive True "server1"

Please help me out in this.Thanks in advance.