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OpenStack breaks the boundaries of management of compute , storage and networking etc that are the essential building blocks of IT Infrastructure.As an OpenStack expert you need familiar with visualization, linux networking, Storage technologies and more. This might be a long journey, be patient.:-)

In my personal view, this journey might be covered in 5 phases:


Try OpenStack first. you should be able to deploy openstack single node mode(devstack recommended) to get a little sense of what it is and how to use it and learn how to troubleshooting during installation.


Familiar with the architecture.Read official documents in and ask and helping stackers resolve issues in


Learn the core technologies that OpenStack leveraged. OpenStack is an orchestration framework which integrating the existing and newest technologies via a uniform framework(manager -> driver) and exposes the features via restful api.You need to master various technologies like virtualization(libvirt, kvm, xen, docker etc) , networking(openvswitch,tcp/ip, etc), storage(iscisi,lvm,etc) etc.


Get yourself comfortable with Python. OpenStack mainly written in Python,if you want to be an contributor or extend the existing features of OpenStack, you must know Python and the python libraries that OpenStack utilizes.


Push OpenStack in production.At this phase, you have loaded enough experiences and knowledge in OpenStack, time to leverage the power of OpenStack in production.

One more thing, the OpenStack provides a great training guide for different roles this might be the first article you need to take a close look.

Hope that helps!