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I got almost the same problem but still not working after follow the instructions above. When I try to attach volume to instance, I can see error from /var/log/message like this:

Apr 30 17:35:14 TMSG0806 cinder-volume: 2015-04-30 17:35:14.603 2740 INFO cinder.brick.iscsi.iscsi [req-881ceead-1204-49ed-ab8e-e83085985718 50ac6ae89ddd46ee96b061d0148efe78 38069e291e304006843dc1d9e5078f41 - - -] Creating iscsi_target for volume: volume-a6671fbe-2ea8-4ca2-b3a8-ac51eea31968 Apr 30 17:35:14 TMSG0806 kernel: Rounding down aligned max_sectors from 4294967295 to 4294967288 Apr 30 17:35:14 TMSG0806 kernel: strict_strtoul() failed for port_str: -22

I can see volume status from targetcli but port 3260 not listen any application. Compute node also report me no iscsi session found.