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There are a variety of issues that can lead to this problem. Initially, I would suggest you look over your network topology to check and see if the subnet is connected to your router. If you happen to have a link missing then I would suggest you attach the subnet to your router by attaching the interface to it.

I would also suggest you check if DHCP is enabled on your subnet. neutron subnet-show <subnet_id> will show you just that. If DHCP happens to be disabled this would be your problem. (you would have to manually create the port and assign it manually to the instance if that is the case).

Another possibility is that the issue is specific to your DHCP agent. It might be the case that the neutron DHCP agent was too slow in granting a lease to the instance and cloud-init gave out the warnings you see above. Usually, a reboot would resolve that issue and allow cloud-init to complete successfully.

Good luck.