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Well, after more than a week trying to fix this problem, suddenly it get fixed, well at least now I have an workaround. I was messing around with the neutron configuration and had removed all networks, To collect the logs dbaxps asked me for, of course I had to reconfigure the networks. When I launched an instance to generate de logs, the instance gets its IP ! Some strange error happened (a bug?) during the initial install leaving the initial dhcp port on a error state.

dbaxps, you said that 4095 on ovs-vsctl show output indicates a dead vlan. I remember seeing this on the original dhcp port, the one that was not working before I remove the initial network config. The current port shows "tag: 2". Also, the original port showed "binding:vif_type binding_failed" on neutron port-show <dhcp-port-id> output. The current one shows "binding:vif_type ovs"

I alread rebooted all machines many times, launched/stopped the instance many times and the problem didn't happened again. I also removed and reconfigured all networks again without problem. I don't have an explanation but everything is working fine now.