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Thanks for the reply. I verified I already have the keystone-paste.ini at the /etc/keystone, but it still fails. I saw that the config_file parameter in the keystone.conf refers to the keystone-paste.ini file. Can you please verify if the content of the files I'm using is correct. cat /var/www/cgi-bin/keystone/

import os from keystone import config from paste import deploy import logging from keystone.common import utils from keystone.common import wsgi

CONF = config.CONF config_files = ['/etc/keystone/keystone.conf'] CONF(project='keystone', default_config_files=config_files)

conf = CONF.config_file[0] name = os.path.basename(__file__)

options = deploy.appconfig('config:%s' % CONF.config_file[0]) application = deploy.loadapp('config:%s' % conf, name=name)