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There are some error messages in that log that look interesting:

[Sat Feb 07 14:14:51.784751 2015] [:error] [pid 3042:tid 139994391795456] ServiceCatalogException: Invalid service catalog service: compute

I think we need to verify the contents of your Keystone service catalog, and to do that we're going to need to use the command-line keystone client. Can you update your question with the output of keystone service-list and keystone endpoint-list? You will need to run these commands as the OpenStack "admin" user.

In the output of the service-list command, we expect to see an entry for the compute service similar to:

| 15e837c000124068adcf20cdf1d51007 |    nova    |    compute    |    Openstack Compute Service    |

And in the output of the endpoint-list command, we expect to see an entry with a matching service id:

| a2e5f32d44cc4721ac3730b3c6ee53a0 | RegionOne | | | | 15e837c000124068adcf20cdf1d51007 |

If you don't see these entries, you may need to revisit step 9 of the Nova installation instructions.