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I don't have an exact answer as to what the problem is, but I can provide some ideas on how to troubleshoot it.

First, launch an instance with the Cirros image because with that image you can login via the console even if your instances cloud-init does not get any metadata/key injection or network connectivity from outside.

Once you have launch above instance, log into it and do:

ifconfig -a

This will determine if you are getting a DHCP private address assigned to your instance. If you are, that at least confirms your OpenvSwitch plumbing and DHCP agent on the neutron node are working and most likely indicates a problem with the L3-agent.

In your reference above you mention that the console is not accessible either.

In this case, I would check:

nova service-list and make sure everything is happy there neutron agent-list and make sure everything is happy there

If you are seeing issues with nova service output on compute node, restart openvswitch, ovs-cleanup and then openstack-service restart.

If neutron also looks unhappy, restart those services as well but also ensure that before you bring them back up, all the neutron services have been killed off. I have seen dnqmasq and metadata have a tendency to not get stopped. You will also want to do ip netns on neutron node and ensure that all qdhcp and qrouter namespaces have been removed.

Then start up all your neutron services.