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It's actually a vmware question ;) Just configure Your vmware workstation to use two bridged interfaces. If Your vmare workstation installation is working correctly it should work just fine. Actually if You plan to use a dummy network without any vswitches (do you have those in workstation? I have experience with vSphere). By the way Is workstation still supported I thought that vmware Player is the current sollution for home use.

Anyhow for You configuration I would strongly advise switching to oracle virtual box and using ready to go scripts for it from the fuel project. You will have a plesant gui and a sollution to setup a home environment. Be warned - i yet failed to come up with a way to combine the function of a compute node and cinder using it so If You stick to gui You'll need to create two separate nodes. Hope I helped (i'm still struggling with my issues and it's my first post here) - You'll find the gui tools here - free to register, Be aware to install centos and grizzly configuration and not the rhel +rhos to use the free version.