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besides to what Haneef mentioned using the unified openstack client you can also use the keystone v3 rest api to do that excerpt from keystone v3 api ref

List roles for domain user
Lists roles for a user on a domain.

Normal response codes
Error response codes
Bad Request (400), Unauthorized (401), Forbidden (403), Method Not Allowed (405), Request Entity Too Large (413), Service Unavailable (503), Not Found (404)
Request parameters
Parameter   Style   Type    Description
domain_id   URI capi:uuid   
The domain ID.

user_id URI capi:uuid   
The user ID.

        "id": "--role-id--",
        "name": "--role-name--"
        "id": "--role-id--",
        "name": "--role-name--"
This operation does not accept a request body.

Hope that helps!