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I just want to make sure I understand your setup. You have clients/tenants who have their own private subnet that they create. Those private subnets then have a default gateway which is then associated to the ext-net which which is attached to the br-ex interface on the network node. And currently when your clients have an instance, on their private subnet, they are able to do outbound access out to the the internet from their private subnet via the ext-net(br-ex)?

Your question really revolves around how can you associate floating-ip's to instances is that correct? Now are you trying to leverage legacy l3-agents in Juno or utilize the new DVR(Distributed Virtual Routing)?

I have a post on how to configure DVR on my blog:

If you could post a topology of network setup it might help clarify what you are trying to do. Also did you configure an IP allocation pool for your ext-net which would be a pool the clients could pull from for floating-ip allocation?