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even i encountered the same problem, while troubleshooting i came to know that in /var/log/nova/nova-compute.log qemu-image is showing error.
which means the image which you used in glance is not qemu compatible so i changed that image n freshly downloaded.

apart from that there will be following few types of error you encounter as per my knowledge.

1. ‘Not authorized for image’   
  Please verify the 


Log must be displaying error. This is clear issue of missing configuration on authentication part.
Please look at you


2. ‘compute2hostnotfound’

You may find the error like
It clearly means that either compute host is not reachable or compute service is down.
Ensure that ‘nova-­‐compute’ service is running successfully on compute boxes.
e.g service nova-­‐compute restart. Please do verify in every machine.

 3. No support for os type kvm
     You may see error like in  


4.kvm/qemu issues.