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I think you need to change the password of the rabbitmq with the following command

              rabbitmqctl change_password guest RABBIT_PASS

You must check you rabbitmq log. if you are getting error in rabbitmq log, something like "guest user is allowed only for local host" then you can try following two things,

1) By default guest user is used by the services. Some people got strange error, If the modify password of the guest account, and if it(password) is not the "guest" then they got above problem, but if they modified the password back to guest they got everything working.

2) i got this problem solved by creating a new user on the rabbitmq server and assign permission to it. Then add rabbit_userid = rabbitmq_username in default section of the configuration file of every service. Ofcourse modfiy the rabbit_password with the password of the newly created user.