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Typically as an operator, you would use Horizon to control VMs in the overcloud. But if the seed and undercloud are down, then this is not an option and you have to restore the entire system state, or re-install Helion.

You can use the backup and restore scripts to restore system state, e.g.

# set environment variables..

cd /root/tripleo/tripleo-incubator/scripts/
./ --seed -f /root/backup
./ --undercloud -f /root/backup
./ --overcloud -f /root/backup

# restore seed
./ -S -f /root/backup/backup_seed -c /root/baremetal.csv

# restore undercloud
./ -U -f /root/backup/backup_undercloud -c /root/baremetal.csv

# restore overcloud
./ -O -f /root/backup/backup_overcloud