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First I would suggest you to verify the 'RabbitMQ status' and make sure that all OpenStack nodes are able to ping/connect with RabbitMQ server.

To verify if RabbitMQ service is running on your rabbit server, run below command: -

#systemctl status rabbitmq-server.service -l

To verify the RabbitMQ server status run the below command: -

#rabbitmqctl status

This command should print a detailed output of various information related to AMQP server. If the status is good then you need to make sure that rabbitmq port is allowed to make connection between your openstack nodes through firewall.

On RabbitMQ server you may run the below command to check if your compute node is able to establish connection with rabbit server:-

   # lsof -i :5672|grep 'compute_node_ip'

Make sure that there is no time lag between your openstack node, all the nodes should be synced with a central server time using NTP.