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I have still not got my point clarified.

In the neutron node, the table-2 flows of br-tun are as follows: cookie=0x0, duration=41203.999s, table=2, n_packets=96352, n_bytes=12771283, idle_age=0, priority=1,tun_id=0x1 actions=mod_vlan_vid:2,resubmit(,10) cookie=0x0, duration=41204.321s, table=2, n_packets=16933, n_bytes=3090137, idle_age=112, priority=1,tun_id=0x2 actions=mod_vlan_vid:3,resubmit(,10) cookie=0x0, duration=41205.045s, table=2, n_packets=4, n_bytes=468, idle_age=10406, priority=1,tun_id=0x3 actions=mod_vlan_vid:4,resubmit(,10)

Just please let me know what will be the actions=<val> if tun_id=0x1002?

Even in the site you have specified in states that there is one to one mapping of tun id and vlan id. The quotes under Segregation section are as follows

"Across compute nodes we use the GRE tunnel ID. As discussed previously, each tenant network is provisioned both a GRE tunnel ID and a locally significant VLAN tag. That means that incoming traffic with a GRE tunnel ID is converted to the correct local VLAN tag as can be seen in table 2. The message is then forwarded to br-int already VLAN tagged and the appropriate check can be made."