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You have three node setup, make sure you are not using default 'guest' user to access AMQP Server that is RabbitMQ in your case. This is because 'guest' user is not allowed to communicate to the rabbitmq-server remotely. You should create a new rabbitmq user using: sudo rabbitmqctl add_user <rabbit_user_name> <rabbit_user_password> first check vhost: sudo rabbitmqctl list_vhosts then set permission for the user: replace '/' with the vhost you have from above command sudo rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / <username> "" "." ".*" //this is not required if you want to set only default permissions

If you want 'guest' user to allow remote access then you have to make changes in your rabbitmq.config use rabbitmq documentation to do the same:

Then in your nova network node and compute node change the nova.conf accordingly: that is rabbit_userid = <rabbit_user_name> rabbit_password = <rabbit_user_password> rabbit_host = <rabbit_host> restart nova-compute and nova-network