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Since you are installing this all on one machine, you likely do not have an external database.

You'll need to start the database (mysql) and the message queue (rabbitmq) before starting the Openstack services.

The Openstack services can be started in any order, but be prepared for some connectivity errors in the logs at first startup. I would recommend starting keystone then nova but that isn't a requirement if they all are started at about the same time.

If this was a by-hand deployment, I would recommend removing the Openstack services from the runlevels so that they won't get autostarted since even adding a delay it seems to still break. at least for me.

For further troubleshooting you will need to provide why the services are failing (log messages). The log messages will be in /var/log. Also remember to check /var/log/upstart if it is failing before it logs anything.