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Hi Evanion,

Your on the right way :)

That much (1x AMD 16xCore CPU, 32GB RAM, 1x 50GB HDD, 1x 1TB HDD, 1x 500GB HDD) hardware is not required for Node 1 (Internal use & backup manager node), as it is just a controller node (having Horizon and other components).

I deployed OpenStack many times, based on my experience I can say: Five Hours of time is enough for manual installation and configuration of OpenStack core components (keystone, glance, nova, neutron, cinder, horizon), unless if there are any outstanding issues.

Along with the above specified parameters (RAM, HD, CPUs), please take "Network" (Number of NICs) into consideration.

Controller Needs 3 Nics and each Computation node should have 2 NICs.