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You can set force_gateway_on_subnet = False in the neutron.conf but I dont think that is what you are trying to do here as it will only help if you do some tricky network things (which I can almost guarantee you are not).

You want to do things different in neutron.

First you need to setup an external network. In the real world this would be an actual slice of the Internet, publicly routable ipv4 addresses. In your test lab it will be Of note on this, you need to actually create the external as with an allocation range start= end= Tweak those values to whatever your network looks like.

Next, you setup an internal network. This will be that network (or whatever you want).

Once you setup your external and internal, then you need a router to attach to the external network and your internal network. From here you have duplicated what is happening behind the scenes with nova-network. Your instances, by default, don't consume an ip from your floating ip range, but you can still assign a floating ip from to on of your 10.0.0.x instances.

If I am not understanding your issue with neutron correctly, let me know.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to do any of this through devstack. My guess would be you want ot create that external network through devstack, and then manually create the internal one.